JYSK’s new Nordic Mood collection is available in-store this July. It focuses on products that bring Scandinavian classics into your home: clean lines, rounded shapes, and soothing colour shapes.

The Kent battery lamp is a key element in the collection. It is a versatile lamp with three brightness settings and a timer function, covering various needs. With it’s classic design and simple expression, Kent can easily be integrated into any home décor. This battery lamp has also become a viral sensation on TikTok! The Jesper decorative tray, with it’s unique, angular shape, adds a touch of edge to your home décor. It can stand alone as a stylish statement piece or be combined with other elements to enhance your space. The Arn tealight holders, with their transparent glass and patterned surface, offer an elegant look and add character to your interior design. Together, the Jesper and Arn tealight holders create a beautiful and playful contrast.

Why not refresh your home décor with a beautiful addition such as the Kund vase? The soft shapes and the ribs give the vase a unique look, and depending on the placement. Knud offers a touch of greenish and greyish tones. Knud will attract attention in any room.

The final touch that completes the look is soft textiles such as the Kalkok throw and Fjellfiol cushion. Both come in beige shades. If you want your home to exude extra comfort, add the Dvergfaks cushion to the room. Dvergfaks has a delightful, plush surface that adds a new dimension and a playful expression to your space.