Spring is here and provides you with an amazing opportunity to freshen up your home. The Spring news from JYSK’s new Nordic Mood collection emphasise cosy warm shades and natural materials spiced with a touch of freshness.

When getting ready for spring, green plants are lovely, decorative elements that bring life to any room in your home. If you can’t wait for the sprout to grow big, artificial plants can also do the trick.

The green artificial plants ASGAR and OLIVER offer a natural look and with the decorative and functional hanging basket INGVER you can hang them up high and make the most of their organic look. In addition to stylish plant hanging, INGVER can also be used to store keys, bicycle lights, and other necessities. The artificial plant CELIUS can add a touch of green to your home too, and in combination with the plant pot SIVERT, they invite nature indoors.

Cushions add a little extra cosiness and comfort to your home. NATTLILJA and BELLIS both feature calm shades adorned with stripes in different colours, adding warmth and soul to the home, making any chair or sofa feel comfortable.

Give your home new life with the quilted SOMMEREIK, radiating comfort and softness. It provides a little extra warmth on cool spring evenings. When not in use, the quilted blanket can be stored in the basket MICHAEL, which with its natural brown colour creates a beautiful contrast to the fresh blue colour of SOMMEREIK.

Small decorative elements such as vases, bowls and tealight holders add an extra spring like vibe to your home. This effect is particularly apparent if these items feature a light expression such as the CARLO vase, the HILMIR bowl and the ALLAN tealight holder.