When the sun shines, pottering around the garden really is one of the simplest pleasures. While the weather is warm and dry, there are several gardening jobs you can do to keep your garden looking its best and prepare for the arrival of Autumn. From the best vegetables and flowers to plant to how to prune roses in Summer, Homebase have put a handy list of Summer gardening jobs to keep your grass, beds and borders looking vibrant and healthy.

Before you don your gardening gloves, update the paint on any exterior woodwork as one of your first Summer gardening jobs. Warm, dry weather provides the perfect conditions for refreshing your exterior woodwork. Whether fences have seen better days, or you fancy updating the colour of your shed, take advantage of the good weather and gather together your sandpaper, brushes and wood paint.

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Treat your lawn to some TLC and invest in a sprinkler hose attachment that will effectively water large areas in no time. If you are wondering how to bring dead grass back to life this summer, giving your lawn a feed will also promote greener, healthier-looking grass. If the weather is dry, opt for a 2-in1 weed and feed product. Choose from tip brands like Westland, Miracle-Gro, Vitax and more.

We usually think of sowing seeds in Springtime, however there is a wide range of beautiful blooms that can be grown from seed during the summer months. Warmer, longer days provide excellent growing conditions for planting in Summer. Biennials, perennials and hardy annuals can be sown to flower in late Summer and well into Autumn. Great plants to sow in Summer include cornflowers, foxgloves, Lupins and Delphiniums. Stock up on quality seeds from best loved brands like Fun Seeds, Mr. Fothergill’s and Homebase own brand of seeds and bulbs in-store.