The team at Petmania Grooming Studios have created a suite of Puppy Packages targeted to help you manage the changes in your puppy’s coat as they grow and to keep them in great condition. These three packages include:

First Puppy Visit, All breads €15

A puppy’s first trip to the grooming studio can be scary, for both puppy and owner. However, Petmania’s First Visit package will introduce the puppy to the sights, sounds and scents of their grooming studio. The package includes a wash and blow-dry, expert nail trim, weight check and diet review.

Puppy Groom, From €16

This treatment is especially tailored for your puppy’s delicate skin. Firstly, they will be bathed using a mild puppy shampoo, then followed by an expert nail trim, ear clean and eye cleanse. Breed standard styling, eye and ear clean and expert nail trim included.

Puppy’s First Dental Visit, Only €20

Designed to comfortably introduce your puppy to having his teeth brushed, only when comfortable will complete the first Ultrasonic Tooth Brushing. Also includes your pup’s very own exclusive brush head for future visits.