Costa Coffee summer menu is here and includes lots of delicious new treats plus some returning favourites like Costa’s Iced Whipped Lattes, known for their smooth, whipped coffee topping that can be enjoyed with either dairy milk or a plant-based alternative.

Iced Whipped White Chocolate Latte, a new type of flavoured iced latte that combines a super-smooth layer of coffee dairy-based milk whip on top, milk of your choice for the middle layer and a delicious white chocolate flavoured sauce.

Iced Whipped Caramel Latte combines a super smooth layer of coffee milk whip on top, semi skimmed milk and a delicious salted caramel sauce.

Iced Whipped Chocolate Latte combined with an ultra-smooth layer of coffee, perfectly combined with a semi-skimmed milk top and expertly finished with a delicious layer of chocolatey flavour sauce. Whizz it to blend the textures and flavour and enjoy these incredibly smooth iced lattes.

If you love coffee, you’ll love Costa Club, an easy-to-use app, that allows you to earn exclusive rewards with each visit.