Keep on top of jobs in your outdoor space through March will not only keep it neat and tidy but you can plant to maintain interest through this season. Make the most of your outdoors this Spring with these gardening hints and tips from Homebase.

Get set to plant your summer harvest this month with a plethora of seeds, bulbs and vegetables like chit potatoes ready to sow. To begin, transfer any over-wintered seedlings into pots and place in a cold frame. Prepare raised beds for a vegetable patch and dig over beds and borders.

Prune your roses and deadwood from dormant shrubs. A good rule of thumb is to prune one-third of growth on gooseberry and blackcurrant bushes to promote summer growth.

Improve the quality of your soil by digging in fertilisers like Chicken manure, bone meal, blood & bone meal or Growmore. Right now enjoy 20% off selected Westland Growmore products. Stock up on bug protection remedies that will give your young plants the best chance of success.

Growing your own vegetables is not just a fun gardening project, its also incredibly fun and rewarding and helps you to become a more sustainable household. For the great advice on the best vegetables to grow in your garden check out Homebase’s handy growing guide.