Greek cuisine is known the world over for its use of vibrant colours and fresh ingredients. From hearty Mediterranean dishes to delicate pastries, Greek Cuisine offers a diverse range of flavours that are sure to tantalise the taste-buds of any food lover. This week at Lidl you can explore the Greek cooking in all it’s glory when you shop at Lidl’s Taste’s of the World event.

Stock your larder with traditional ingredients from the Erinanous range like Filled Antipasti, Pitted Green Olives, and Pickled Green Peppers in Brine.

Enjoy ready-made meals of classic Greek dishes like Gyros Pork Strips, Moussaka, Cheese Swirls and Halloumi. Indulge your sweet tooth with Frozen Yogurt with Honey & Pecan.

Offers available from Thursday 13th  July.

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