Planning on holidaying in Ireland with your pet this summer? Talk to the experts at Petmania to access what you need to pack for your pet. Check out the must have travel essentials from Petmania here, shop in-store or online and arrange for fast Click & Collection from store.

We’ve put together five top tips for planning your staycation with your pet this summer:  

  1. For the ultimate in comfort travel in a crate. This stops pets sliding around in the back seat, pop in a super soft blanket and some treats for the ultimate VIP experience.
  2. Microchipping and collars. In unfamiliar surroundings there is a possibility your pet may wander off or get lost. Make sure your pet is trackable and identifiable by microchipping and also having a collar and name tag with your phone number.
  3. Stay hydrated. Don’t forget to pack water for your pet. If possible attach a water bowl to the inside of their crate so they can take a drink as needed. Alternatively, plan your route to accommodate rest stops.
  4. Eat less on travel days. No matter how well prepared you are some pets will still get anxious when on a long car journey. To avoid any in car accidents try to limit the meal you would have given prior to the journey and then when you reach your destination your pet can tuck into their favourite feed.
  5. Home from Home. Once you reach your destination, take time to settle your pet in and help them feel at ease with some familiar items such as their bed, favourite toy and feeding bowl.